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Pinterest comes in handy sometimes

I’ve been on Pinterest for some time now. Looking and thinking, “HEY, I can do that!” But, most often times, my numerous pins just serve as a reminder of how lazy busy I am.



After viewing pins on sprucing up vases when hubz brought me some flowers and all I had was a plain old purple vase, I let my Pinterest-packed mind loose.






My bedroom is pink/black so after adding:

  • one of my hot pink fishnet paintball gloves (That’s right! I’m a stylish Diva on the field too!),
  • a semi-sheer black ribbon bow,
  • an old jewelry trinket ,
  • and a spare feather butterfly it matches the bedroom perfectly!







No gluing, no sewing, no muss, no fuss!

Thank you Pinterest people!

You can find me HERE on Pinterest!!