Pinterest comes in handy sometimes

I’ve been on Pinterest for some time now. Looking and thinking, “HEY, I can do that!” But, most often times, my numerous pins just serve as a reminder of how lazy busy I am.



After viewing pins on sprucing up vases when hubz brought me some flowers and all I had was a plain old purple vase, I let my Pinterest-packed mind loose.






My bedroom is pink/black so after adding:

  • one of my hot pink fishnet paintball gloves (That’s right! I’m a stylish Diva on the field too!),
  • a semi-sheer black ribbon bow,
  • an old jewelry trinket ,
  • and a spare feather butterfly it matches the bedroom perfectly!







No gluing, no sewing, no muss, no fuss!

Thank you Pinterest people!

You can find me HERE on Pinterest!!


A Bookoo near YOU!

Ok, so I moved to Northeast Kansas and settled in. It’s time for bargain hunting so I check out the local garage sales. 3 weeks of venturing out only to find Greatgrandma’s junk and a huge waste of gas. Then I head over to one of the myraid of Army Wives facebook pages and stumble on a treasure of a site called also known as I’m in bargain hunting heaven! And, YES, there is probly a Bookoo in your area also.

Here at Riley, people use it extensively so there is a never ending fix of bargains to be had. Especially when someone PCS’s out. Everything from high end furniture, baby and kids stuff, vehicles, electronics, kitchen stuff, stuff picked up in Europe they want to get rid of, appliances, to clothes.

I’ve become addicted. Let me show you why…..

Today I picked up these adorable Lugz boots. Yep, that’s right…PINK!!! They are brand new and fantastic! Guess how much? $5 a pair. SQUEEEEEEE~ I also picked up a nice polished aluminum coat rack in excellent condition for $1 so hubby will stop hanging his uniform all over the place.

But let me show you more….

This is one of the end tables to my newly acquired coffee and 2 end tables set. I know this may not be everyone’s style, but it goes so lavishly perfect with my old world traditional decor!!! Got them all for just over $100. Another Squeeeeeee for me! The coffee table is an exact match except larger and it has hidden rollers on the bottom for easily moving out of the way.

I picked up this new cabinet for a few bucks plus I got a matching medium floor cabinet too. Fits perfectly in my small bathroom.

I have also added to my treasure bargain booty two 6 foot black shelves that were gently used and came with nice cornice trim as well as various dishes, tupperware, and kitchen appliances all for under $5 a piece. the kitchen stuff was under a dollar a piece. SQUEEEEEE!

So, needless to say, I have been an avid lurker on I love Bookoo!!!! Check out the Bookoo near you by using the MORE BOOKOO tab on the top menu Hopefully, your area will be as active as Fort Riley’s.