Army changes requirements for transfer of GI Bill benefits

Ok folks, this is a BIG one…
(gathered from Army.Mil – WASHINGTON (Army News Service, April 17, 2013)

Beginning Aug. 1, 2013, every Soldier who elects to transfer their Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits to a family member will incur an additional four years in the Army, without regard to their time in service.

That news comes in a message to military personnel, dated April 15, 2013. The new rule largely affects senior officers and enlisted Soldiers who are retirement-eligible. As of now, these Soldiers may be able to transfer benefits to their loved ones with anywhere from zero to three years of additional service.




Survivor Benefit Plan, Part I: What Is SBP, and Why Do I Need To Know? |

One common misconception about military pensions is that some sort of pension will continue to be paid military spouses who outlive the retiree. While there is a provision to provide for spouses and other eligible beneficiaries, it is not a part of the military pension package but a separate program with its own rules, paperwork, and costs.

SBP provides monthly income to the beneficiary. The income is inflation adjusted each year and it continues until the death of the beneficiary. The amount of benefit is selected when enrolling in SBP as part of the retirement process

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How Budget Cuts Will Impact Your PCS |

Beware – if you’re gearing up for a PCS in the next few months, getting all those nagging details squared away with the transportation office could take longer than usual, DoD moving officials tell us.

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Commissaries Now to Shutter Mondays |

If the commissary is already closed Mondays, which many are, it will instead remain closed on the next regularly scheduled open day, according to the agreement. For example, if the commissary is regularly closed Mondays but open the rest of the week, it will take each Tuesday as a furlough day.

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Training & Big Girl Panties

When researching the perks and possibilities of being an Army wife, I came across A LOT of negative complaints, reviews, advice, etc., etc. Interestingly enough, my Army Hubz has been off to field training to go blow up stuff with his tank for about three weeks and I have had the time of my life!

Before he left, I brainstormed on things I could do to keep me occupied while I whittled away at the days and lonely nights. I thought I had barely enough to fill the time. Then I did something wonderful…I jumped into a friendship with another Army wife. She is what one would hope for when trying to navigate the drudgery of Army Wife life. She has taught me SO MUCH. And we have laughed our way through it all. She’s a “hoot”!

My advice to ANY Army Wife is to jump into it! The Military “is what it is”, but hook up with some other wives and life seems much more fulfilling and FUN! All of us wives are in the same “boat” and we don’t have to explain so much to each other – which is fantastic. We know when to listen and when to help and when to just bust out the Margaritas.

This three weeks of what would otherwise have been a lonely drudge through the calendar, have turned out to be quite the adventure. I dare say, perhaps even some of the best days of my Army Wife life.