Fort Riley, Kansas Roll Cloud

Kansas…wondrous & creepy as hell all at the same time!

These were taken this morning (July 23, 2013) around the Ft. Riley area. Most everyone just stopped and watched it roll in. Just weird! (CLICK photo to see enlarged view)

988652_10201643716798720_2044498817_n 1002852_537556606291849_1710438866_n 1070096_10200089224465459_306223477_n 946275_10200089225865494_907722561_n 603030_10151598637651700_10245636_n 1069323_10151598639031700_1213407528_n 1069965_10200141478727388_1133453126_n 1004488_10151501309797547_1664781126_n 999542_10102057557765222_1004629544_n 1002469_4893781385766_1424744857_n 1069799_10151807262333534_1044992813_n 935083_10201259354463110_952180547_n


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