Can the Military Inspect My Home?

I found a very interesting article the other day. I’ve often wondered where the line is when it comes to NCOs shuffling thru my home on short notice inspections. Now I know.


A lot of milspouses, especially new ones, are under the misconception that whatever their service members NCO or Commander says is law in regards to them. That is absolutely not the case.



4 thoughts on “Can the Military Inspect My Home?

  1. I left a comment on your blog saying the link led to “Page not found.” I suppose that if the property belongs to the military and or one is being considered for “on base housing” or a promotion they will want to see how one lives.

    Anyway, how are things on the great plains? I noticed that you guys were getting wet while we have been this week. Life on the southern plains lumbers on! The great “HOT” wants to engulf us!

    Love ya, Dad


    • I will fix that link. It’s a “need to know” read for mil spouses.

      The homes we rent off post have to have 2 things:
      A military clause in the lease agreement
      And the place has to be approved by housing authority. They look out for slum lords, unsafe environments, etc etc.

      We were fortunate to get a nice place on the lake.

      Since we live next to a huge body of water, we haven’t seen too much of the rain lately. It breaks up and skirts to the north or south of us. I am however happy to be out of the hot off Tx for awhile tho!!

    • Well, apparently the website took the page down for unknown reason. I will leave this post up for another 24 hrs to see if gets fixed. Otherwise, I will be deleting. 😦

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