House of Cards – Worth a Binge Watch

House of Cards

You can watch House of Cards instantly on Netflix

Netflix has been all over the media lately proclaiming their newest shtick – original programming. My first thought was “I hope its much better than their mostly third rate movie offerings”. I usually only turn on streaming Netflix when I’m bored because there is absolutely nothing on cable.

So when I caught Kevin Spacey on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer discussing his new feature on Netflix, I was intrigued. I really love Kevin Spacey’s acting talent so I flipped on Netflix to see if I could find it.

House of Cards is a 13 episodic mini series offering available on Netflix now. The story line isn’t the epitome of originality, but its very well written. The political drama is witty, surprising, and devilishly revealing. My favorite bits are when Spacey talks directly to the camera to divulge to us, in a candidly personal fashion, his cleverly evil motives & insight.

Robyn Wright’s character is hard to read & I’m hoping that’s on purpose. She is brilliant, as usual. The relationship between her character and Spacey’s leaves a moral rube like myself gasping, “wow” in disbelief at times but then I think it makes sense. Power corrupts on all levels.

All in all, delusional bumpkin as I am, this series its completely entertaining, enlightening, and a MUST SEE! Well done, Netflix. If this is the kind of original programming we can expect, I’m all in. Unless you raise your rates again. I don’t think that less than 1% of original stuff justifies another increase.



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