Taste the Rabies

Something borrowed; 
Something new;
Something gross 
Bagged in blue.

So I’m at the grocery store perusing the aisles for something hubby might like to nosh on in his lunch for work when I spy with my little eye SKITTLES in a new blue bag. What’s “new” about them? They are FIZZY and promise a party in your mouth. Being a big fan of Pop Rocks back in the day, I only hesitated a second before tossing them into my cart.

To make a long story short, they didn’t “fizz” as I would have hoped. They FOAMED. That’s right, it’s akin to rabies with a fruity twist. It’s like a party in your mouth alright, but the ONLY guests that showed up are those scrubbing bubbles guys and they are dancing like no one is watching all over your gums.

So my conclusion on this little taste testing episode is “EEEEWWWWW!”. Need to change their marketing on this one to “taste the Cujo”. Ok, Ok, Lame, I know…it was the Skittles.


2 thoughts on “Taste the Rabies

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